Kitchen Cleaning Services for Redmond Commercial Kitchens


Commercial kitchen owners have the responsibility to keep their kitchens clean so that the food they prepare is safe and hygienic. Hiring professional help for this purpose is always recommended, as this ensures proper and thorough cleaning.

A and R Hoods is a reliable company that provides high quality commercial kitchen cleaning services for Redmond, WA kitchens.

As an established commercial cleaning company, we provide full or partial kitchen cleaning services, and you can choose from our cleaning service options that include:

  • Floor maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance and cleaning
  • Preventative equipment maintenance

You can contact us for one-time commercial kitchen cleaning services or regular services as needed. We use the best quality equipment and provide our best technicians for the job, and we guarantee high quality cleaning services at affordable costs.

Restaurant Cleaning Company for Redmond Restaurants


Some restaurants do not hire restaurant cleaning services in Redmond because they are worried about downtime or cost. As a reliable restaurant cleaning company, we offer a host of options to our clients to provide them the relevant cleaning services they need. Our restaurant cleaning services include:

  • Floor and wall cleaning
  • Ovens and grill cleaning
  • Stove and equipment cleaning
  • Counters, shelves, and surface cleaning

Being a reliable restaurant cleaning company, we understand that every restaurant has its own timing and schedule requirements. We try to adjust to your time schedule so that there is never downtime while your kitchen is cleaned. We schedule cleaning services for the day and time that suits you.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Redmond • Kitchen Equipment Cleaning


When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your customers, you do not want to compromise. You want the best commercial kitchen cleaning service in Redmond to ensure that your kitchen is thoroughly clean and hygienic.

After all, if the customers are happy, you're happy! You can choose us for commercial kitchen cleaning in Redmond, as we:

  • Are experienced
  • Use the latest cleaning aids
  • Offer professional grade services
  • Provide services at a reasonable price

If you are still unsure about our services, you can listen to reviews from our past customers. All our customers continue to seek our commercial kitchen cleaning services, as they know we do a great job.

If you need a restaurant cleaning service and you are looking for one that serves Redmond, call A and R Hoods at 253-777-3880.