Hood Cleaning for Commercial and Industrial Kitchens in South Hill


A regular clearing and maintenance program is necessary for commercial and industrial kitchens to work properly. To ensure the safety of the customers and the working staff, restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning in South Hill, WA is important.

A thorough cleaning of the system that include hoods, fan, filters, and duct work is very important to ensure a cleaner and odor free space.

We at A and R Hoods will inspect the system thoroughly before starting up with the restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning service. Our technicians are skilled workers who have experience in dealing with the cleaning process.

As the saying goes, “It is always better to be safe than sorry”. Therefore, restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning should be done at regular intervals or else the effect and expenses will only increase with time.


Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services in South Hill to Prevent Grease Buildup


Regular restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning servicing in South Hill is important to keep fire hazard at a distance. If the oil vapors get trapped or starts to accumulate in the hood system, the flame or heat from the cook stove may flare it up.

If a large amount of grease is present, a fire may break out which leads to dangerous consequences. Therefore, the exhaust system should be kept clean.

By scheduling a maintenance and restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning, a big disaster can be prevented from happening. Therefore, schedule an appointment today before it’s too late.

We also provide services related to power washing so South Hill restaurant owners can make their kitchen germ and odor free by getting the exhaust system of their kitchen cleaned in time while everything else is cleaned too.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Duct Cleaning for South Hill Commercial Kitchens


With experience of over 25 years, we provide the best quality restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning in South Hill. Our reputation has built up over the years because we provide services that are always on time.

Restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning services for various commercial and industrial kitchens are provided by us. Therefore, every kitchen, regardless of its size, will benefit from our services.

Once employed, we keep track of the cleaning schedule of our client and inform them about the next service, and the frequency of cleaning will always depend on the amount of usage of the exhaust system. So contact us today at 253-777-3880 to book a restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning appointment.