Hood Cleaning Services for Commercial and Industrial Kitchens in Burien


A partially or inefficiently cleaned exhaust system is as risky for the safety of your workforce as an exhaust system which is not cleaned at all.

Grease accumulated in the exhaust ducts can cause fire hazards, thus leading to a catastrophic situation, which can be avoided by keeping the exhaust system properly cleaned and well maintained.

The proficient and expert technicians employed at A and R Hoods are well aware of the hazards that an unclean exhaust system can lead to. That is why we leave no stone unturned to provide our clients with the most reliable and efficient restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning services in Burien, aimed at assuring their safety and convenience.

The tools and practices we use for restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning in Burien are carefully selected to match the needs of every job and can cut through even the most heavy grease buildup, leaving your exhaust ducts sparkling clean. Even the most hard to access areas can be thoroughly cleaned by our trained and experienced professionals using the latest equipment.


Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services in Burien to Prevent Grease Buildup


Restaurant kitchens are an area of high activity, where numerous ingredients and oils are used to prepare the finest delicacies. The smoke and grease generated during cooking is carried out by the exhaust system, which consists of a fan, filter and ducts. All these parts can lose their efficiency over time if not cared for or cleaned in time.

It is common to hear about fires erupting in restaurants and hotels, and leading to considerable loss in terms of property and human lives. Besides adopting unsafe practices in the kitchen, blocked or inefficiently functioning exhaust systems are also a major cause of such incidences.

So rely on a restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning company serving Burien that is capable of providing credible services while adhering to safety regulations.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Duct Cleaning for Burien Commercial Kitchens


To keep your commercial or industrial property safe from fire hazards, make sure to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of your exhaust system. At A and R Hoods, we are committed to making your life hassle free by delivering the most efficient and professional restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning services on time.

The reasons that make us a trusted name among Burien clients include:

  • Proficient technicians equipped with the latest products and equipment
  • On time regular restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning services 
  • Emergency solutions
  • Adhering to professional standards and safety guidelines


To keep your kitchen clean and safe with the most efficient restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning services, contact us at 253.777.3880.